Hello world!

I signed up to WordPress two years and have done nothing with it. Maybe I should start.

Well we live in a wonderful world, well thats what everyone seem to say and sing about but is it really wonderful?

If you live in the western world i guess yes it can be. Your likely to have a somewhat decent job about £23,000 a year. Maybe renting out a flat and occasionally indulge yourself to a take out, dinner out with friends, a proper night out, shopping and an average of two holidays a year.

Sounds great? technically yes but the streets are not alway paved with gold. Despite how great our lives look to others, even your friends, we sometime suffer in silence.

A lot of us are likely to have self esteem issues about our looks but there is an added pressure of what society expect from you based on your gender, age, ethnicity and where we live.
We tend to stress our selves to conform to what society say things should be for us. We stress to achieve and maintain and if we are not successful we feel we have some how failed.
Either way we fall in some type of depression.
The concoction of depression, failure, pressure, and low self esteem leads us to start making bad decision thus making the situation even worse.

What can one do to not feel this way?

To be honest, i don’t know, if i did i would not feel the way I do but what I know can help, is understanding that ‘Life does go on’. The world doesn’t care about your issues and if you decide to end it, yes people will be sad but life will carry on as the world does not evolve around you.
I know this sounds harsh, but what i need you to understand is that, the world is not particular out to get, hurt or destroy you. There are many reason why the things that are happening to you or not happening for you. Current situation, other people etc.
Everyone is different and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good things will happen for you and your like will get better, have faith.

In tough times people turn to religion as it can be a great comforter but even though your not into that, trust that you will get through it and that there is ALWAYS a rainbow after a storm, theoretically speaking.

Randomly smiling really help.

Im not sure if i have achieved anything with this post but just remember, keep smiling 🙂