The whole concept, when it becomes more popular, is that the festival will go on a road trip to find new talent across the UK.
There will be competitions in small venues over a period of a month where talented unsigned/new artist, dancers and DJ’s would compete against each other for a chance to win a spot at the final and main gig in London where they will share the stage with established talented artists. This will give them exposure to prospective future fans and the media in hope that they would get noticed and be signed up.
But for now its small and simple and it will be a fundraising gig in London showcasing new unsigned/up and coming artist in the UK.
I’m looking for the best unsigned/ upcoming new artist from London so send your interest and music to

The festival will be raising money for charities and organisations that help and empower disadvantage individuals and bring awareness of global warming.
The festival also aims to help the local community by offering temporary work (mainly volunteering) for people looking to gain experience to improve their chances of getting a job in this current difficult economic climate.

To find out more about RoadFest, visit the Facebook page


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